Building the Rockets

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The 2015 CDKC Rocket team built 2 rockets for two different categories:

1. A rocket that would house a payload designed to take atmospheric readings and collect the data.

2. Build a 6″ cluster rocket that used 3 motors to launch.

The teams launched the rockets at the First Nations Launch competition held in Wisconsin and placed 1st in the atmospheric challenge and 3rd in the cluster motor challenge. They were then featured on the front page of the Billings Gazette.

– Abe Salois, Science Paraprofessional, 2014-15

For the 2015 CDKC Tribal Challenge team member of the Morning Stars our Job was to create a payload idea of Climate Change. Which my team members and I went on to win the challenge along with a trip to visit Kennedy Space Center. This was always a childhood dream and through the STEM internship it made my dreams possible. Along with my fellow interns I have created a family of friends and networks which are for life.

-R. Chavez, Current Intern