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The GIS interns went through a series of trainings just to know how to work and run the Esri software on the computer. We also were trained on how to work the Garmin and Trimble GPS units. We collaborate with the other research groups here at Chief Dull Knife College by find their location that they need to get their research information. We are currently working on a project were we are finding locations of events that had happened in Cheyenne history and others things such as plants that were used and are still used today. We are helping to find these location so that it could be made sure that these places are protected and preserved. GIS/GPS is a new field of study and is interesting because it is need in all fields of studies,research, and work.

-Ronnie Jo Horse (current intern 2014/2015) 7/21/15

Interview for GIS Instructor and STEM faculty Dan Plier by Marty Seymour 7/28/15

Geographic Information System for CDKC started out in 2009 as a summer research experience with NASA and AIHEC project that Dan Pleier attended.  He wrote the proposal for the first project.  He got training at that workshop and with the money left over he bought GPS units and All Topo Maps Software for ten computers.  He began teaching an introductory GIS class.  After a couple years he attended a grant writing workshop at Yellowstone Ecological Research Center in Bozeman.  Through contacts he made there he aquired a donation from ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute).  They donated a lab pack ARC GIS software which has 31 different licenses.  Fun fact. Dans favorite book is “How to Lie with Maps” by Mark Monmonmier.

“It was neat. Ive been learning it, its pretty complex.  As students this is the software to know for jobs in this field.” Dan Plier.