We are always interested in partnerships to provide opportunities for our students.  Please contact us with any questions.

Chief Dull Knife College:   (406) 477-6215

Chief Informational Officer Jeff Hooker Ext 110 hooker(at)cdkc.edu
Research Director Doug Brugger Ext 141 brugger(at)cdkc.edu
STEM Faculty Gary Ramsey Ext 116 gary(at)cdkc.edu
STEM Faculty Dianna Hooker Ext 139 dianna(at)cdkc.edu
STEM Faculty Jim Bertin Ext 145 jbertin(at)cdkc.edu
STEM Faculty Mary Noel Ext 146 mnoel(at)cdkc.edu
STEM Faculty Dan Pleier Ext 134 dpleier(at)cdkc.edu
STEM Faculty Brian Stiff Ext 140 stiff(at)cdkc.edu