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Chief Dull Knife College interns toured the Rosebud and Sarpy mines in July, 2014. The tour started with introductions of the administration, and ended with a quick “safety video” of proper mine procedures for vehicle and on-foot security. After introductions, we received safety equipment to wear while we were touring, including a helmet, safety glasses and a safety vest. We then split into two groups and got into two separate vehicles, because the tours can only be conducted by vehicle due to environmental-safety reasons. We went to different areas to view and learn more about the equipment and mechanisms used to run the processes of clearing, drilling, digging, and then reclaiming the mined land. The greatest aspect of touring the mines was that in recent years, the process of “coal bed mining” has been reestablished or improved to fit both environmental and historical significance in the areas of where the mines are located, both Colstrip and the Sarpy Hills. It was great to the opportunity to meet and converse with individuals who work in different areas of the mines and having an assumption about mining before the tours were conducted was very interesting, because at the end of the day, our impressions of the mines changed significantly. We now assume that “Coal Bed Mining” isn’t as harmful as it seems.

-Reisa Walker 2014/2015 Intern at CDKC

July 15, 2015